Welcome to Midtown New York's Historic Synagogue
serving Manhattan's Orthodox Community since 1857.
Congregation Talmud Torah Adereth El was established in 1857. It has the distinction of being New York's oldest synagogue in its original location with continuous services. Founded four years before the Civil War, the history of Adereth El is intertwined with that of New York City. For more than a decade, Rabbi Gideon Shloush has infused the shul with his energy and creativity, and Adereth El is experiencing a wonderful renaissance. The Synagogue plays a vital role in New York's Jewish community. Adereth El serves the neighborhood through daily prayer services, weekly learning and outreach programs, an array of Shabbat activities, welcoming guests from around the world, and providing assistance to those with loved ones in area hospitals.

Did you pay your 2018 Membership Dues?
Whether you join us for daily prayers or on Shabbat, your dues are important to helping us to continue serving as a beacon to our community. Please consider becoming a paying member.
Pillar $1,800 - Family $1,000 - Single $750 - Associate $500 - Student $350

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