There are many opportunities to recognize and remember someone special to you or acknowledge a meaningful event.

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Sponsor the Eruv for a week.
This ensures proper maintenance of the Eruv will take place and the entire community can take advantage of the Eruv. - $36
Shabbat Kiddush
Sponsor Shabbat Kiddush for a Weekend. A wonderful way to support and promote the community in our flourishing neighborhood. Call the office for further details. ($350+)
Seudah Shleisheit
By sponsoring the traditional "third meal" on Shabbat afternoon, you are enabling the congregation to fulfill an important weekly Mitzvah. ($125)
Honor Cards
For your convenience our Synagogue is selling beautiful "In Honor of" and "In Memory of" cards. This is a wonderful way to pay tribute to friends and family or commemorate loved ones. The cost is $36 for a pack of five cards.
Dedicate an Artscroll Siddur in honor or in memory of someone. - $36


 Dedicate a Stone Chumash in honor or in memory of someone. - $60


  Add a leaf to our tree of life to recognize someone special or a special event for $200.


 Purchase a memorial plaque for $400. If you wish to honor the memory of a dear one, a most fitting, traditional and dignified remembrance is through a Memorial Plaque and Lamp. Each memorial plaque, bearing the name and yahrzeit date, is mounted on the bronze tablet in the Sanctuary. It is lit on the Shabbat of the week of the yahrzeit, on the day of the yahrzeit and on the four festivals during the year when Yizkor is recited.